Game: Zakati on Smart Devices (with a competition for school students)

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The first strategic game in the world to participate in confirming zakat value and to participate in building a coherent society that respects its identity? Here’s zakati game that helps you manage your projects and build your beautiful city as well as contribute to assist the poor and needy by paying zakat on time to move up to a new level. Also, you can exchange gifts with friends through Facebook and much more. Some Other characteristics of this game: · Justice in play. · Peace and security, no threat and violence. · Educate the players of the importance of zakat. · Help your society by helping the poor and needy. · Increase profits by establishing many buildings. · Establish many assets as you want without restriction. · Earn cash and golden stars as well calculate zakat of building and assets then pay zakat for poor and needy. · It is a unique concept, children had never studied farming, construction, selling and purchasing and developing their efficiency to manage many projects through smart gaming. · This game does not ignore rest and pray time. It gives the player a break time to pray to go back to continue play and compete.


01 Feb, 2019 - 07 Feb, 2019


10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Abu Dhabi Corniche






Open to public